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  • What type of tasks can my Anchored Global Office team handle?
    • Almost any task can be outsourced with the right expertise, resources, training and support. • We’ll help you create a tailored outsourcing strategy that is suitable to your Company.
  • I’ve tried outsourcing before but it didn’t work for my Company. How is this different?
    There are many outsourcing firms and a number of common issues we have identified are: • High turnover of outsourced staff • Extensive time and effort spent on training new staff • Sub-par work output and productivity • Communication and cultural challenges • Security and privacy concerns In building Anchored Global Office we have taken our experience working in public accounting and global enterprises to help overcome these challenges. When partnering with Anchored, you are not just getting an off-shore employee, but an entire strategic office.
  • Will I have to worry that my offshore team is productive?
    Part of our commitment to you is that included in our quality assurance process is a level of professional review and supervision.
  • Am I taking away local jobs by outsourcing?
    Utilizing outsourcing to redefine your workforce is not just a cost reduction strategy it is a growth strategy. Partnering with Anchored will allow you to unlock productivity and margins which will fuel your Company’s growth. Which in turn will free you up for more growth.
  • What will my clients think?
    It is natural to consider how your clients and customers will accept the new outsourced component of your business. Globally, thousands of corporations and firms have been leveraging the competitive advantage of the global workforce for decades. So, it is clear that clients are coming along for the journey. Nevertheless, it is always worthy to conisder the issues involved and how to navigate them successfully. And we are here to walk together on this process with you. The real moment of clarity comes for clients when they start experiencing the higher level of service and benefits from your strategic decision to redefine your workforce.
  • Will the data be secure?
    Anchored Global Office leverages robust security protocols and technology to ensure your data is safe and encrypted. Here are a few details: • Data loss prevention and encryption. HIPAA Compliant file structure utilizing 256-bit AES encryption for files at rest and SSL/TLS encryption for data in transit. • Cloud-based security software to help defend and identify any potential threats. • Access security measures preventing the offshore use of external data-drives or cell phones at work-stations • Multi-factor and 2FA authentication administrative protocols • Rights management protocols to restrict access and editing privileges for specific individuals to documents and email.
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